♥ 2014 and some beauty talks | Friday, October 24, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hi,

Omg it's been a year I haven't posted a single post, well, spm year is just feel like there's a knife in my windpipe. Even if I posted a post, I bet there will be no one reads my blog so it's just the same though haha.

SO THE FIRST THING I WOULD TO TELL YOU THAT, JENG JENG JENG, I will finish my form 5 studies in just a month! How crazy is that huh? I experienced a love-hate journey during my high school. The most fucked up year was 2012, I was in deep terribly bad emotion condition but I managed to overcome it. So now, I'm a cheer happy girl, no hate yeah!

(maap dahlah bagi salam tadi, mencarut pulak ngehehe)

The most exciting story to tell you is, Nina and me are bestfriends! Happy that I can finally upgraded our friendship status. Last time, she was my rival but now, she's my kinda-everything-also-bestfriend. Try and go ask your previous smkpu1 seniors, I'm 100% sure they will say "omg really? those girls are enemy towards each other kot? bestfriend dah pulak?" HAHAHA.

I proudly to say that I have no problem towards my love story as it goes smooth and clearly. We both understand each other perfectly.
I'm so thankful of what I have now. He changed me a lot. I was such a lazy-ass when 2014 has just started. Few months nears spm, I met him and he taught me a lot about chemistry and addmath which are the subjects that I always get least marks. So now, I can see a lot of changes in myself. I'm giving a big and huge gratitude to him *applause*

Frankly speaking, its kinda sad to leave high school. Even though some of my experiences are bad and rotten, but at least I get to know how does it feel like to experience those situations and to overcome them so that I won't do the similar things in the future. What I like being a school student is, in the year 2013, 2014. I've learned sort of new things after the incident in 2012. So now I'm taking a very precaution steps in making friends. The steps that I practiced has showed a good result which I might using it in searching new friends in college. In nutshell, I hate how I start my high school journey, they all went really bad and getting nicer at the final stage. I thank to Allah for that. Talking about college, I'm still deciding on what course to choose but it depends on my result. The good the result I get, the good course I might take.

Here are the lists I would like to choose;
  • Diploma in Physioterapy (UiTM Puncak Alam)
  • Foundation in Science (UIA)
  • Syarie Law (UIA)
  • Pharmacy (USM)
  • Medic ((((((((((((((er))))))))))))
  • Tesl
There you go! Phew, the main one is physio. I have a particular reason why physio is one of the my main selections. Let it just be shhhh-h okay? Lol. Thinking about how hard I'm struggling for addmath and physics, I would say no to foundation. Its like you have to study again those killer subject but in more deeper. But if I score a lot of A's for science subjects (not including addmath), it's probably a yes for me. Whatever it is, it's all depending how good my result is.

As for today, I'd like to talk on some beauty products. Praise to Allah, my complexion is getting a lot better than before. The pores are minimizing day by day. Well as you know, I have a habit which is I hardly stick on one product only. I used a lot of product due to my eagerness on new product especially the whitening ones. As for now, I'm still using my daily regime, garnier sakura white (face wash, daycream, and the essence) Trust me, I love how pinkish my skin now. For me, it works really good but takes time. I've been using it for a year, it did give me a good result. Plus, the price is not too pricey. These product had my heart at its best!
The sakura white cleanser  I just finished the last tube for the cleanser before I move on using Dnars skincare. So all total I used since beginning were 4 tubes. It did not give any bad signs, pimples and rashes for instance and not to mention for those who have sensitive skin, you could use it! What I like, it softens my skin and somehow it minimizes my pores a bit? Not to mention it glows my skin with it pinkish sakura extract. I like it a lot. What I dislike, it did not do a good job in cleaning the oil on my face. Overall, I give 8/10  
The Sakura white daycream  This might be my the most favourite daycream. The textures are light and pinkish and also contains spf (i dont remember how much) so dont you worry about going out under the sun! Oh yeah, dont put it too much bcs it might give you a little fairer skin or else you'll be looking like tepung gomak?  
The Sakura essence  I love this product so much because it really glows my skin. Sometimes I will just put the essence right after the toner and ready to setting up with some powder on my face. This essence really goes well with makeups, its like a base before putting anything. Plus, it's not that pricey only rm39.90. Ive been using it for half of the bottle and will buy this one again!

On top of that, I'm using Sebamed Cleansing Foam to get rid of
new pimples on my face. What I like about Sebamed, it curbs pimples perfectly! Especially the big ones. For me, it lasts for like 5 months depending how frequently I use. I do not use much only when I have new big pimples especially around my cheeks, nose, upper lips area. I've been using it since I was standard 6 and till now.

Besides Garnier, as a proud Malaysian, I'm using a local beauty product which is Dnars skincare. I love how the collagen soap works effectively on my skin and also the night cream that go together in one set. If you ever crossed your thought to try on this local product, I'd recommend you to buy this one not the rice milk soap. Don't get confused between collagen soap and the rice milk soap okay? Frankly, the milk rice soap did a bad job after I used it. It gave a terrible result, irritated my face and also felt like sunburn whole over my face so I stopped from using it.

The next product I'm eager to try is, whitening products from Hada Labo. I'm still searching the infos about these products. Some said, it does a good job in whitening skin but some said it does not give good feedback but no such things as bad effects.

The price of these products is a bit expensive (for me) T_T a bottle costs like RM55.90 but it last for 3 months (for me maybe more than 5 months) So I'm thinking whether it's worth to try or not. Since its from japan, I'm sure these product works well on my skin (insyaallah)

Other than that, I REALLY WANT TO TRY White Tree Snow from TheFaceShop and also Vitamin C from Bodyshop. Sorry, I cannot stop this eagerness to try on these product. Actually I'm crazy about beauty products, and still looking for the right product the could minimizes my large pores! I do not enjoy having large pores on my skin, they stressing me out especially when i have makeup on my face, the pore will make my face look very oily. Although my skin is now better, but as malay people said "dah cantik, nak cantik apa lagi?" I don't care, its my money though. My mum said she would buy thefaceshop product for me as for my PMR present (sampai sekarang dia tak tunaikan lagi huu T_T) I'm so excited to try on these product hihihi

Who wouldn't want to have a fair, glowing, radiant skin? The vitamin C from bodyshop is the solution, and that's why I'm planning to try these products. I've tried the testimony on Vitamin C boost on my skin, IT DID GLOW YOUR SKIN BEAUTIFULLY! And it gives you the kind of glow that makes your skin look fresh and dewy like korean girls. But the price for 130ml cost rm180, mak aihhh got no moneylah! 

(I want to try the cleanser, the refiner and also the booster hehe)

Last but not least, pray me all the best for me in SPM. To all spm candidates out there, I'm wishing you all the best! Make proud of your parents. Hopefully, we can pass all these papers with flying colours! Amin Ya Rabbal-Amin! (on ther right, this is how my skin looks like, much better than before, plus, no make ups on!)

with love, 
Nur Alia Afiqah

♥ Cry. | Sunday, June 30, 2013

I don't like being here. I don't like living in this way. Sorry for complaining a lot, but that's what I feel almost every time. I just wanna be free. By free, doesn't mean I'm legal to do anything I want. It just a bit of freedom would be nice. I've been patiently waiting for those shining and bright days of mine. And guess what? I feel like commiting suicide. I know it's not best answer and choice but to be honest, that's my answer for every questions that been haunting on my mind.

Don't you hate that, when you're about to cry but there are lot of people around you and you had to find a safe place to cry? Don't you hate that when you realized, you've got no one to talk to, to express every depress feelings to make yourself feel a bit better? Don't you hate when you're sad about only a small matter but suddenly all things come and hit your emotions like tidal waves?

And worst, don't you hate when you're currently crying so hard and then somebody knocks on your door but before you open the door, you had to wipe all your tears away so that he/she will not be asking why the hell are you crying and then she/he asked you "hey have you seen my pendrive?" and you had to look for her/his pendrive for like 5 minutes and then go back into your room and lock yourself in and then you realized, you had to cry again for second time? Don't you just hate it when you have to smile so bright in front of people but actually, you are dying inside?

You don't cry in front your friends because you knew they will say "be strong, chill". You don't cry in front of your siblings because you don't want to look weak in front of them so you ought to cry inside. You don't cry in front of your parents because they will ask you what is the reason that makes your cry and when you tell them, their response will be like "STOP CRYING OVER SOMETHING THAT IS WORTHLESS? GO STUDY NOW. LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE SAD"

Yes, it's true that life is too short to be happy, but we're humans. God created us and he gave us different kind of emotions. We're not always happy and we're not always sad. At the end, you ended up crying alone in your room and when you're settled down, you go out from your room and put the fake smile to show that you are 'perfectly fine'. You had to because you knew that one day, you will be crying again.

♥ | Saturday, June 22, 2013

Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it - Thadeus Golas-

If you are turning 16, you stand in front of the mirror scrutinizing every inch of your face. You agonize that your nose is too big and ugly, your don't have a smooth complexion and fairer skin and you're getting another pimple. You see yourself as ugly, immature girl who is craving for perfect life but you do have it, it just you don't see it. You try so hard to please people, to be nice to people and they still judging you for no matter how you do. Even you do good things, and bad things, yet they still judge you. You try to do good things not because you want people think that you're well manner but you just do it because you're a bright and positive person but what they judge you is,  they think you're craving for attention and they think you're a big major faker.

Not everybody has to love me or even like me. I don't necessarily like everybody I know, so why would everybody else like me? I enjoy being liked and being loved but if somebody doesn't like me, I will still be okay and still feel like I am an okay person. I cannot make somebody like me, any more than someone can get me to like them. I don't need approval all the time. If someone does not approve of me, I will still be okay.

Yes, I do see myself as worthless person. I'm not that pretty, I'm not tall,  I don't have a perfect body, and genius brain. I don't have those. But, I do love myself for who I am. As long as I'm happy, that will be okay. Nobody can make me feel anything. If I had a rotten day, I am the one who allowed it to be that way. If I had a great day, I am the one who deserves credit for being positive. It's not the responsibility of other people to change so that I can feel better, I am the one who is in charge of my life. Remember, being happy and sad is an option, if you let yourself be happy, it will be happy, not just happy, but HAPPIER than before.

I am not always a positive person, some days are seem to be cloudy for me, but lastly, I found my rainbow in every ends. I do have my ups and downs times. My life is not always smooth and perfect. People would see my imperfections and also flaws, yes because I am not perfect. Perfections only exist when someone has finally opened her/his eyes to learn the acceptance of imperfections that lies in you.

♥ | Friday, January 11, 2013

Colour : I love black, pink, white, hot red but mostly, turquoise,
Animal : Cats, pandas, penguins.
Number : 23
Movie : The Perk of Being Wallflower, Twilight.
Food : Local foods, western, chinese.

This/ That
Love/ Money : I'll pick money because that's the only thing doesn't hurt my feelings.
Puppy/ Kitten : Kitten of course, but I want puppies as much as I want kittens.
Night/ Day : Night.  
Sun/ Rain : Rain. But the rain can get frustrating when you're having an outdoor activity. But I love everything about the rain. 
TV/ Movies : Movies. 
MTV/ VH1 : None. I like listening to what I listen to.
Old/ Young : Mid-aged. Wise and capable of exploring.

Last time you
Cried : When I was so upset because of how incapable I am of being a good person.
Laughed : When Nadiana came over my house and we had a chit chat over this dude, she cracked me up as fuck.
Hugged someone : I think, no one.
Lied : I can't remember.
Drank alcohol : -

Have you ever
Laughed until you peed : No.
Seen someone naked : Yes.
Cried on someone's shoulder : I can't remember lol.
Been skinny dipping : Nope.
Got stitches : Yes.
Broke the law : Yes.
Broke a bone : No.
Fallen from a tree : No.
Passed out : No.

time you cried : 3 days past.
person to call/ text you : My ex-boyfriend (he is now a fat major asshole)
time you laughed : when I read something.
person you hit : My own brother.
thing you drank : Some soursop drink.
time you lied : UH-
movie you watched : The Perk of Being Wallflower.

Name : Nur Alia Afiqah bt Hidayat Amir Newton.
Age : Sixteen in misery
Eye colour : Hazel
Hair colour : Black and with a little bit mixture of brunette at the top.

Blogging is not about popularity